Couple of campers lighting a fire while setting up the camp tent


Whether sleeping out under the stars on a deserted, darkened beach or snug in a tent on the side of a snowy mountain, camping offers some of the most rewarding outdoor adventures one could ever experience. Camping out in the wilderness, whether for just one night or for several weeks is an incredible way to leave the constant struggles of everyday life behind and relax in nature with little or no schedule to follow. Camping reminds us where we come from, and gives us time to think and meditate on our natural surroundings. It can help to clear the mind, and many find it very reassuring, as too often we get caught up in our daily lives and forget to take pleasure in the beauty that is all around us.

The best part about camping is that it really doesn’t require any special skills or training. The simplest camping expeditions can involve a sleeping bag and tent, while a more complex trip might involve a Recreational Vehicle.

Another great part about camping is that you can combine it with other activities to plan a truly great outdoor trip. Many people choose to combine camping and hiking, and there are all sorts of trails laid out for people who want to take extended hikes that involve overnight stays along the way. Once of the most famous in North America is the Appalachian Trail of the eastern United States, which runs some 1500 miles along the Appalachian Mountain chain, from Northern Georgia all the way up into Maine. Along the way hikers get to experience some truly incredible views from the tops of the Smoky Mountains. The Appalachian Trail really allows you to feel like you’re on your own in a vast wilderness, as it can run for long stretches without coming anywhere near a town or settled area. Camping can also be combines with overnight rafting or kayaking expeditions, or even rock-climbing trips.

There are all kinds of ways to camp, and an infinite number of beautiful locations for it on every continent. For those looking to experience a number of locations for only a night, car camping can be a great option, since it also allows for additional storage for supplies. And for more experienced campers who want to really fully immerse themselves in nature and the experience there are plenty of well established camping trails and national parks throughout the world that allow you to go off into nature on your own and really get away.

There are all sorts of other highly popular camping destinations in North America and throughout the world. Desert camping is a highly popular activity, although it requires more gear than usual to accommodate both the extraordinary heat of the day and chilling temperatures at night. Desert camping can be found in state and national parks throughout the southeastern U.S., as well as the great Outback of Australia and in beautiful locations in Kenya and other African countries. Europe also offers splendid opportunities for camping in its many diverse regions and climates, from the hills of Ireland to the Alps Mountains of Austria, Germany and Italy.

Perhaps the greatest thing about camping is that it can be done just about anywhere. Many countries have camping organizations dedicated to informing campers and helping them choose a location or plan a trip, from a weekend getaway to a long excursion deep into the wilderness. No matter where you plan to go camping, it always offers an incredible opportunity to get away from everyday life and think, and often provides a new perspective and outlook on life for many of its fans.



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