free diving into a sardine ball


Exploring century old sunken shipwrecks. Floating through schools of hundreds of tiny neon colored fish. Gazing at brilliant multi-colored coral reefs, covered in exotic plant life and surreal creatures. Diving provides all of this and more for adventure travelers who want to explore what actually lies below the surface of the ocean. You’ll find creatures unlike any you’ve ever seen before, and you’ll be astounded by the beautiful scenery of the incredible underwater landscape.

Most diving is centered around the exploration of natural underwater structures known as coral reefs. These reefs are home to a unique ecosystem that attracts marine life of all sizes, from microscopic plankton to large barracuda and sharks. The many fish and creatures you encounter while diving hang around the reef because they depend on its existence to survive, and observing the delicate balance of life between the reef’s inhabitants makes their beauty that much more astounding.

Diving, also known as SCUBA Diving, is one of the most popular sports in the world, as people all over the world have strapped on oxygen tanks and taken to the ocean to learn more about the many different environments and creatures that inhabit our planet. Diving allows you to go places that one hundred years ago humans could only fantasize about by allowing you to stay underwater for extended periods of time and dive to incredible depths. While it does require training and certification in many areas of the world, there are many diving programs that beginners can take to learn the sport that include actual diving into the process, and getting acquainted with diving is just as fun as taking part in it. Plus, these types of introductory programs take place in some of the best diving locations in the world, so you can learn in paradise!

Other diving expeditions can explore underwater structures like sunken ships, which can be eerie and spooky. As coral collects on the sunken ship over the years, they too turn into reefs, and can offer some very interesting diving. Still more exciting is night diving. Many creatures come out at night on the reefs, and it adds a whole new element to the fun.

Most of the coral reefs in the world are found in tropical locations, so many diving hotspots are in warmer locations throughout the world. The Caribbean Ocean lays claim to some of the most fascinating diving locations in the world, as there are reefs all over to explore. There is also world-class diving around the coast of India, where regulations on diving are much more relaxed, and divers don’t have to be trained as thoroughly to be able to go on an expedition. Australia and its Great Barrier Reef is one of the most well-known locations to dive, and surrounding areas in Indonesia and Fiji offer unique underwater scenery as well, and are a little off the beaten path for a special experience.

Diving is an experience unlike any other, and it will amaze any traveler in search of a special adventure. Explore a whole new world and join the legions of followers of this incredible sport!



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