Hike in Patagonia


Whether sleeping out under the stars on a deserted, darkened beach or snug in a tent on the side of a snowy mountain, camping offers some of the most rewarding outdoor adventures one could ever experience. Camping out in the wilderness, whether for just one night or for several weeks is an incredible way to leave the constant struggles of everyday life behind and relax in nature with little or no schedule to follow. Camping reminds us where we come from, and gives us time to think and meditate on our natural surroundings. It can help to clear the mind, and many find it very reassuring, as too often we get caught up in our daily lives and forget to take pleasure in the beauty that is all around us.

The best part about camping is that it really doesn’t require any special skills or training. The simplest camping expeditions can involve a sleeping bag and tent, while a more complex trip might involve a Recreational Vehicle.

To be able to experience these awe-inspiring natural wonders through hiking them is at the same time uplifting as it is humbling. The challenge of pushing yourself to conquer the seemingly unconquerable is a feeling like no other, whether you’re hiking the lower Himalayas in Nepal or the Appalachian Trail in the United States. Hiking is one of the most natural and age-old ways to see the world, but advances in the sport in terms of equipment and modern transportation have made it possible these days to hike all sorts of different locations. You can go hiking anywhere, through any terrain, any ecosystem or any biome in the world. If you want to see it, one of the best ways to experience it on a personal level is to hike it.

There are all kinds of popular hiking destinations. Many choose the endurance-challenging Australian desert which offers breathtaking scenery in a harsh and unforgiving terrain. Still others prefer something a little less taxing, and go on excursions through the mountains or lowlands of North America, such as the temperate rainforests of British Columbia or the timeless red-rock mountains of the Colorado Rockies. There are hiking adventures available for all levels of experience, and many outfitters can help you plan for a trip or even lead you on guided hiking tours. The possibilities are endless, and the personal rewards some of the greatest one can achieve in a lifetime.

So if you’re considering planning a hiking adventure, know that there are few things you can do that will provide more memories or excitement, and don’t forget the words of John Muir, because you might just discover even more than you set out to find.



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