Kayaking in a Lake


The sport of kayaking can take on many different forms, but the one thing that is a constant is that this truly unique boating sport can provide for some thrilling adventures in some of the world’s most gorgeous waterways and oceans.

Kayaking in its most basic form employs the use of a sleek boat that is powered by a two-bladed paddle. The kayak has origins that go back centuries, to when Eskimos and northern native American tribes used them as fishing boats designed to deftly navigate the frigid water of the northern Atlantic and Pacific ocean. However, kayaking as a sport has come a long way since those days, and the kayak itself has become one of the most versatile boats ever invented, as it is used for everything from leisurely paddles around scenic ponds and lakes, to navigating furious rapids and whitewater.

Whitewater kayaking offers fans the chance to take on some of the fastest and most exciting rivers in a more personal and individual way than traditional rafting allows. Instead of relying on a guide and a team of paddlers, it’s just you and the river as you find your way through raging cataracts and sudden plunges with the precision control that kayaking allows. The solitude of kayaking also allows you to truly enjoy the spectacular scenery that goes along with the world’s best rapids and whitewater rivers. Kayaking enthusiasts the world over revel in the splendor of navigating the technical rapids of the Rio Grande on the border of the United States and Mexico, or taking in the beauty of Victoria Falls after a long trip down the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe.

Another popular kayaking destination is Alaska, which offers not only pristine, clear rivers but also the peaceful beauty of ocean kayaking on the Kenai Fjords. While less high-impact than whitewater kayakinf watching the sun rise over the snow capped mountains as you push off shore in the morning, nor the peace that settles over the world as it sets over the Pacific and brings the lush Alaskan wilderness gently into night. Ocean kayaking, whether you set out on a day-trip or a week long expedition, offers adventurers the chance to see the world from a perspective few else ever have.

As the sport grows in popularity, it seems that every year there are new places being explored by kayaking enthusiasts. Kayaking trips can take you as far away as the other side of the world or as close as the nearest major river to your home. No matter what kind of kayaking adventure you choose to embark on, it is sure to be an unforgettable experience.



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