Paragliders starting in front of Lake Garda


For those of you who have always dreamed of experiencing self-controlled flight, paragliding is sure to be an incredible thrill. This remarkable sport combines elements of parachuting and hang gliding to create an unbelievable way to harness powers of nature like wind and air pressure to soar over mountainous ridges and long sloping valleys, all the while controlling the direction and speed of your flight.

Paragliding is built around the parasail or chute, which allows you to take advantage of simple phenomenon regarding air and wind patterns to experience long sessions of controlled flight. The two basic kinds of paragliding are called “Ridge Soaring” and “Thermal Gliding”. Ridge soaring usually requires a mountainous area, as it relies on using the updrafts of wind over ridges and other natural obstructions to lift the glider into the air. The glider then navigates the air current as they slowly glide down the ridge to their next take-off point. Thermal Soaring works by allowing gliders to use rising hot drafts of air to lift them into the atmosphere, usually caused by the sun heating up boulders or other structures below the take off point of the glider.

Paragliding is truly a breathtaking experience, and it can be practiced in many exotic locations across the world. All it really requires is terrain where mountains and ridges are plentiful, so there are many paragliding hotspots in destinations such as India, Germany, lots of locations across South America. And since it does require practice and training, there are all sorts of travel programs for paragliding enthusiasts that specialize in everything from lessons on the basics of flight to helping you organize trips to some of the world’s premier locations. Paragliding has a dedicated following around the world, and joining the community of gliders is a huge part of the sport itself.

Paragliding is a feeling like no other. Imagine being able to stand on the edge of a cliff or ridge that falls away far below you and actually be able to simply step off and take flight! And while it does take a fair level of practice to master, the reward of experience is incredible, as many paragliding experts are able to stay in the air for hours at a time using nothing but the power of the wind.

The mystery of flight has puzzled humans for centuries, and it is something that every human dreams about. Paragliding is able to deliver that experience to adventure sports enthusiasts, and it allows us to achieve that dream!



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