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Skiing and Snowboarding

As outdoors enthusiasts know, few sports are as exhilarating as skiing and snowboarding. Whether you’re experiencing the thrill of racing down the side of a mountain through crystal clean powder snow, or taking a leisurely cross-country expedition through the backwoods to enjoy some winter scenery, skiing and snowboarding can be a wonderful way to take in the beauty of nature, while also using it in a creative way for an exciting and challenging workout.

While skiing and snowboarding is often seen as a sport mainly practiced in cold-weather countries around the world, most people are surprised to learn that you can actually find mountains all over the world that offer some of the best and most technical challenges for skiers and snowboarders in locations you wouldn’t expect.

When it comes to downhill skiing and snowboarding, there are of course the traditional favorite locations. The European Alps, especially those in Switzerland, Germany and Italy have long been one of the premier skiing and snowboarding destinations in the world. The Alps offer lots of incredible mountains and resorts, many geared towards a variety of different skill levels. Whether you’re looking to learn the basics of snowboarding or looking you’re an expert skier looking for a new challenge, the Alps have it all. There are opportunities for all sorts of adventure skiing and snowboarding as well, including wooded glades trails, huge bowls in the upper reaches of the mountains for backcountry skiing and riding, and even opportunities for helicopter skiing for the true professionals.

There are also lots of opportunities to go to less visited locations which can be extremely exciting, since you’ll be able to enjoy a new side of skiing and snowboarding in a seclusion you won’t find at the more famous resort areas and destinations. South America, especially Chile, offers incredible skiing and snowboarding, while New Zealand is slowly working its way onto the map as having some of the best mountains and trails in the world. The best part about these locations is that during the summer in the northern hemisphere, it is winter in the southern hemisphere, which means you can find a great destination for skiing or snowboarding all year long!

For cross-country skiers, there are all kinds of great places to go, including Scandinavia, where the sport has its roots. There’s nothing like trekking across the icy quiet of the winter landscape in Norway or Sweden, where many cross country skiers find true peace. Many people also choose to travel to all sorts of locations across the United States and Canada, as well as other regions of Russia and Europe during the winter months for some of the best cross country skiing trails in the world.

Skiing and snowboarding, in addition to be an extremely physically beneficial and aerobic exercise, offers thrills unlike any other sport, and whether you’re curious about trying it for the first time or looking for the next big challenge, there are gorgeous locations around the world for beginners and experts alike to have a great time and enjoy the sense of freedom skiing and snowboarding inspire.



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