Snorkeling And Exploring


If you’ve never seen or experienced what goes on just under the surface of the ocean, snorkeling will absolutely amaze you. There is a dazzling new world down there, full of huge schools of brightly colored fish, beautiful coral reefs and fascinating marine creatures, and snorkeling literally puts you right in the middle of it all.

The sport itself is easy to get the hang of, but once you do, the possibilities for adventure in different exotic locations is endless. All snorkeling requires is a mask, a breathing tube and some flippers, and you’re ready to go. Anyone can learn on their own, but there are also snorkeling schools and introductory expeditions you can sign up for all over the world to help get the hang of it. And once most people do get the hang of it, they’re hooked for good.

Snorkeling mainly takes place on coral reefs around the world. As coral builds up over centuries over the ocean floor in shallow water around the world, it eventually forms what is called a reef. The reef supports an ecosystem unlike any other on the earth. Colorful fish come here in search of food, and often hide among the many different varieties of neon and brightly colored corals. There are all kinds of crustaceans like shrimp, crabs and lobsters scurrying across the ocean floor past exotic sponges and anemones. Reefs even attract larger species like sea turtles, bigger fish and even sharks. The biodiversity of the reef is staggering, and you are unlikely to experience the sheer variety of nature in one place through any other sport.

Snorkeling allows you to visit another world, and although most people don’t realize it, most coral reefs are within just a few feet of the shoreline in exotic coastal locations around the world! Anyone can explore these fantastic natural wonders with little or no experience.

Another great aspect of snorkeling is that it can take you to some of the world’s most relaxing and beautiful locations. Some of the best snorkeling in the world can be found in the Caribbean Ocean, especially on gorgeous tropical islands like St. Marten, Turks and Caicos, and off the coast of Mexico. The South-Pacific also offers incredible snorkeling opportunities, as Australia is home to one of the largest reefs in the world, The Great Barrier Reef, while more secluded islands like Fiji offer world-class snorkeling in a less populated environment.

Snorkeling offers you the chance to travel to paradise and experience a world you may never have known existed. It is sure to change your perspective on nature and the importance of the ocean as one of our greatest natural resources, as well as keep you coming back for more!



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