Kenya (2016)

Kenya Adventure Travel

Adventure travel in Kenya allows you to explore some of the greatest environments in Africa, from the shining seashore to the savannah covered in exotic wildlife. Kenya is a dry land filled with historic culture and many national parks, and it is also home to some of the best terrains for adventure sports anywhere in Africa. Whether you’re looking for a high impact mountain biking or rock climbing expedition or you’re just looking to leisurely explore the land through hiking and camping, adventure travel in Kenya is a once in a lifetime experience.

The biggest draw for adventure travel in Kenya is certainly the incredible hiking and camping opportunities that exist throughout the country. Walking is the main mode of transportation for much of this country residents, so you’ll find all kinds of trails that’s can take you far out to little villages and hamlets all over. Some of the best hiking is found in the abundant National Parks of Kenya, including Mount Kenya, Lake Victoria, and Masai Mara National Park, home of the famous Masai tribe of indigenous peoples, one of the most colorful in Africa. Hiking will bring you in touch with the local peoples and also allow you to see plenty of wildlife, including, zebras, black rhinos, elephants and even lions!Mountain biking is a similarly exciting way to tour the country, and many people plan mountain biking expeditions that allow them all over. From the desert to vast plains to the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, mountain biking in Kenya presents a wide variety of difficulty and terrains to cross.

The shore is also becoming a big draw for fans of adventure travel in Kenya. The Indian Ocean is truly magnificent from the shores of the city of Mombassa. Over the years, diving and snorkeling have become a very popular attraction off the shores of Kenya, as there are plenty of interesting reefs and marine environments to explore. Surfing is also popular around Mombassa, as nowadays you’ll find people coming from all over for this growing form of adventure travel in Kenya. In addition to being home to several difficult waves, Kenya is also a great place to learn surfing in an un-crowded environment.

And of course, fishing is and always has been a very popular pastime for fans of adventure travel in Kenya. You can fish by yourself from the shore, or you can go out on one of the many expeditions leaving daily in the mornings to go deep-sea fishing off the coast. Fishing in Kenya can find you hooking all the world-class game fish sought by professional fishing fans, including marlin, sail-fish and plenty more.

Adventure travel in Kenya will truly amaze you. Whether you’re eating meals with the Masai at sunset in one of their villages or hiking up the side of Mt. Kenya, the wildness of this beautiful country is sure to leave a lasting impression on you. When it comes to Africa, Kenya really is the jewel of the country, both for its friendly and open people, its incredibly diverse wildlife, and the incredible thrills fans of adventure travel in Kenya will find at every corner.






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