Mountains in Morocco

Morocco Adventure Travel

Morocco has long been a vacation destination for its renowned beaches, luxury hotels and high-end casinos and restaurants. But what people don t know about this incredible African country is that adventure travel in Morocco provides the chance for some incredible thrills in a variety of environments and climates! There is way more to adventure travel in Morocco than just lying on a hotel beach or gambling in a casino. With easy access to the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and incredible desert and hill terrain, adventure travel in Morocco has it all!

The best way to see Morocco is by hiking and trekking, which can be done in a variety of locations. Since much of Morocco is desert, hiking can be challenging, but the rewards are incredible. The desert is full of ancient, abandoned cities for exploring and sightseeing, and there are even opportunities to camp out overnight!

One of the most popular destinations for hiking and adventure travel in Morocco is Marrakech, be the imperial capital. This beautiful city and the surrounding regions are perfect for hiking, but the area also draws fans of mountain biking. Morocco is full of dry plains and mountainous regions that mountain biking fans will love, including the famous Ouazazarte to Ait Benhaddu ride, which will take you along lovely natural gorges and give you a taste of the incredible Moroccan scenery. Morocco adventure travel also incorporates rock climbing, which is a very popular attraction in Morocco. The ancient gorges that lie in abundance throughout the landscape have great scalable cliffs and all kinds of ascents that are great for all levels of rock climbing ability. However, you’ll find that there seem to be a lack of published guides to rock climbing in the area, despite the quality of the rock climbing available. However this almost makes the Morocco adventure travel experience more fun, as you can simply identify gorges and rock formations on maps and try them yourselves. Some of the areas to keep in mind however are the Todra Gorge and Tafaroute areas.

Morocco’s situation on two seas also lends itself to all kinds of water-based Morocco adventure travel, including surfing! Fans of surfing come to Morocco from all over because it is so unpopulated that there are always beaches and waves to surf virtually by yourself. Anchor Point is one of the most famous surfing locations in Africa, as the waves there are world renowned for extremely long breaks.

Fishing also attracts a lot of Morocco adventure travel. Whether you’re surf casting from the glorious beaches or going out on a deep-sea expedition, sport fishing in Morocco draws a huge crowd, and will excite all fans of the sport.

Adventure travel in Morocco allows you to explore a fascinating land through some exciting outdoor adventures. Whether you’re crossing desert sands or enjoying the incredible coast line, Morocco adventure travel will excite you at every turn.






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