Beautiful Mountains in South Africa

South Africa Adventure Travel

There are all sorts of great ways to enjoy adventure travel in South Africa, as this diverse landscape lends itself to almost every exciting outdoor sport and activity under the sun. If you’re looking to get something more out of your travels than just a lazy vacation, adventure travel in South Africa is for you. You’ll explore stunning coastlines and hot, scenic plains; incredible mountains and vast, free-flowing rivers. Adventure travel in South Africa has it all!

Mountain biking is also very popular for adventure travel in South Africa, as Drakensburg offers great downhill riding and cross country trips can be planned in just about every region. The wide variety of flatland, hills, mountainous and rock terrains make creating your own mountain biking expedition of varying difficulty easy! Camping is always recommended as a way to extend both hiking and mountain biking trips, as sleeping out under the South African sky makes you feel truly a part of the gorgeous wilderness.

South Africa is also known as a premier rock climbing destination. Every year thousands of rock climbing enthusiasts come from all over the world to climb Waterval Boven, which are stunning cliffs that rise high above a lush valley, river and incredible waterfall. In addition to being technically challenging, the scenery around them is fantastic, and there are so many different routes to climb and discover, no climber will run out of ideas. There are also great cliffs and rocks to climb outside the cities of Durban and Johannesburg, and plenty of coastline climbs. Rock climbing may be the number one attraction for adventure travel in South Africa.

Rafting is also extremely popular here, as the many rivers coming down out of the highland offer high-class rapids that extend for miles. These rivers can be home to your rafting adventure for an afternoon or a week, as many outfitters also specialize in expeditions.

Surfing is also very popular among fans of South Africa adventure travel, as the strong current and winds surrounding the southern tip of the African continent make for incredible waves most of the year. For any true fan of big-wave and difficult surfing, South Africa is simply a must.

In terms of National Parks, South Africa really has no rival on the continent. Kruger National Park is one of the oldest and most famous, and here you’ll find some of the best opportunities for hiking and camping anywhere in South Africa. While also a game reserve, hiking in Kruger park will get you in touch with the true African landscape, and allow you to get up close and personal with incredible birds and wildlife, including everything from wildebeests to lions. Hiking is also very popular as a way to explore the mountains of Drakensburg, famous for their rugged terrain, or along beautiful strips of coastline trails that overlook huge cliffs and the sea below.

So for your nest travel experience, be sure to look into the options regarding adventure travel in South Africa. This vast country is home to remote wilderness and beautiful cities, so there is certainly something for everyone, whether you’re sightseeing in Old Cape Town or paragliding across the ridges and plains of the central country! Experience adventure travel in South Africa and you’ll never look at an ordinary vacation the same way again!






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