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Australia Adventure Travel

Australia is a land of fiercely hot deserts, sandy beaches and coral reefs, and stunning mountains. It’s exactly this extremely diverse climate and ecology that makes adventure travel in Australia so popular. Australia is the perfect location for practicing many different adventure sports, and there’s no better way to see the endless beauty of this country than through an exciting experience like a rock climbing excursion, a hiking and camping expedition or a diving and snorkeling trip.

When it comes to hiking, adventure travel in Australia has it all. There are more national parks than one can count sprinkled throughout the country side, including plenty in the arid region known as the true Outback. Home to animals like the kangaroo, dingo and plenty of other interesting wildlife, the Outback is an ecological area like no other. Hiking enthusiasts and camping fans can plan treks as long or short as they like, and you can arrange to do some remarkable sightseeing along the way.

From strange rocky cliffs rising out of nowhere to visits with Aboriginal tribes that have existed their for thousands of years, hiking and camping is the best way to experience the full breadth of what Australia adventure travel has to offer. The great desert mountains and rocks also offer great opportunities for rock climbing, which is one of the most appealing aspects of adventure travel in Australia in the minds of many. There are well established, iconic locations for rock climbing and also plenty of off-the-map boulders and faces to ascent and traverse, so true fans of rock climbing will always have another challenge to conquer. The rocky features of Australia also offer incredible chances for paragliding, a sport of ever growing popularity “down under”. You can take advantage of hot and cool desert winds to fly for long distances over the landscape with paragliding, as it truly gives you a chance for some great views that will give you an idea of the environment and lay of the land as no other experience can, since you’re actually flying over it!

Moving from the land to the ocean, Australia has miles of beautiful tropical beaches, as well as the most incredible underwater ecosystem in the known world, the Great Barrier Reef. Adventure travel in Australia wouldn’t be complete without a diving expedition on this enormous reef, which gives you the chances to view incredible coral structures as well as lots of fascinating marine life. You’ll swim through schools of hundreds of brightly colored fish and even get up close and personal with creatures like sea turtles, giant sting rays and even sharks!

The Australian ocean also offers incredible fishing opportunities, and every year fishing draws lots of people who come for the best in Australia adventure travel. You’ll find lots of charters who can take you out to deep water locations or to fish portions of the Great Barrier Reef for all kinds of game fish. Fishing is also a great way to do some sightseeing, as you’ll often seen dolphins and even whales out on the open sea!

Adventure travel in Australia can mean so many different things, and all of them will be rewarding and challenging for all levels of experience. Visit this unique and ancient land and you’ll be singing its praises for years to come.






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