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Fiji Adventure Travel

Adventure travel in Fiji can be like a dream come true. This remote nation of tropical islands in the south Pacific is home to incredibly scenic beaches, thick jungles and tall mountains and volcanoes. In addition to having a beautiful climate for most of the year, the chance to use the natural wonder of the geology of Fiji attracts thousands of visitors every year, and is adding to the growing understanding that adventure travel in Fiji is one of the most exciting trips around.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy adventure travel in Fiji is to take advantage of the incredible mountains and extinct volcanoes that exist on some islands. Many travelers come to Fiji to plan mountain biking expeditions. While there are no specific courses for down-hill mountain biking, most riders here enjoy the blend of cross country and down-hill riding that comes into a long expedition through the jungles and mountains. Hiking and trekking over these mountains trails is also a great way to get a sense of the lay of the land, as you can combine a trip with camping to really spend some time in the wilderness of Fiji.

This also allows you to meet some of the incredible locals, including the Maori, the indigenous people of Fiji. Adventure travel in Fiji is also popular for paragliding enthusiasts. The mountainous terrain makes ridge jumping perfect, and flying over the vast jungles and down the mountainsides of Fiji is an experience like no other. It also offers incredible views of entire islands!

Of course, surfing is a huge draw for fans of adventure travel in Fiji, as the waves here are known all over the world. Both experienced big-wave surfers and those interested in learning the sport of surfing will find that Fiji is a beautiful and incredibly peaceful location for this popular adventure sport. Diving and snorkeling are also great things to try when in Fiji, as the shallow waters surrounding the islands hold all kinds of coral reefs and lots of exciting underwater marine life to view. Fiji is actually rated by many as one of the top ten locations for diving in the world, due to its beautiful clear waters and amazing underwater ecosystem.

Fishing is an age old tradition in Fiji, as the Maori have relied on the ocean for providing food and sustenance for generations. Nowadays, fishing is one of the biggest reasons for adventure travel in Fiji, as there are lots of charters and guided trips that can lead you to all kinds of different experiences. From fishing from shore or in a skiff on the flats and shallows surrounding the islands to deep-sea fishing on the outer rim of the islands, fishing is one of the most enjoyable Fiji adventure travel activities available.

No matter what excites you about visiting a new location, you’ll find it in Fiji. Come discover all kinds of opportunities for adventure travel in Fiji and getaway to a land like no other!






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