New Zealand pristine scenery

New Zealand Adventure Travel

From the tops of mountains to the shores of the south Pacific, adventure travel in New Zealand mean breathtaking adventure every step of the way. The landscape of this incredible country that encompasses two large islands is incredibly varied, and its unique beauty is paralleled by no other location. The sheer size and scope of the terrain inspires awe, as standing on the fields of the Matamata region, the gentle beauty of the vast landscape seems to stop the passage of time entirely. From deep, glacial lakes to geysers and strange boiling mud fields, adventure travel in New Zealand leads you to discover ecological wonders at every turn, as well as some great locations for the world’s most popular adventure sports.

The epic mountains of the Cardrona Valley are home to some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world, as they provide top notch trails and backcountry for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts of all abilities.

Whether you’re looking to tackle some glades or just cruise down the wide open slopes and enjoy the scenery of the mountains surrounding you on a clear day, skiing and snowboarding is one of the top attractions for adventure travel in New Zealand, including the legendary Mt. Ruapehu. The mountains also give birth to the big raging rivers that New Zealand is so famous for, and that draws people from all over to the world-class whitewater rafting. Adventure travel in New Zealand will show you some of the best and most furious rapids out there, and the thrill of cascading down them with the New Zealand wilderness as your background is simply thrilling. From the rush of the category 5 Wairoa River to a multiple overnight trip down the Mohaka, rafting is one of the best ways to enjoy New Zealand adventure travel.

Another popular activity is mountain biking, as there are ample opportunities for both downhill and cross country enthusiasts. Mountain biking is one of the best ways to explore off the beaten path and also cover a lot of ground, so you can go sightseeing as well and visit the interesting natural phenomenon of spouting geysers and view the strange geography up close and personal. For the same reasons hiking and camping are very popular among adventure tourists, as spending a night out under the multitude of stars visible from the warm basins of green valleys is truly something to remember.

But perhaps the best way to take advantage of the strange geology of New Zealand is to actually try to conquer it with rock climbing! The incredible and odd rock formations, outcroppings and boulders that exist here are a rock climbing enthusiast’s dream, as all over both islands you’ll find endless locations for great rock climbing.

Adventure travel in New Zealand can be awe-inspiring, and offers everyone something different. Even if you’ve never gone rafting or tried skiing, New Zealand is the perfect place to learn, as just being here carries a sense of excitement and adventure. Come experience the exciting world of adventure travel in New Zealand before it becomes the next big thing in tourism.






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