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Philippines Adventure Travel

For a truly incredible experience in an off the beaten track location, there’s really no better option than Philippines adventure travel. This beautiful country is seldom seen by outsiders, except for those there on business, but it offers some of the most incredible opportunities for all kinds of adventure sports and activities of anywhere else in the South Pacific. Adventure travel in the Philippines was not always recommended until recent years due to political and economical instability in the region. But while Philippines adventure travel may not boast the modern comforts of other adventure travel locations, the reward for visiting is incredible, as you’ll get to experience the most beautiful locations in a breathtaking land that few others in the world have seen.

Any adventure travel in the Philippines must include a trip to the island of Palawan. Palawan must truly be one of the most sublimely beautiful places on the planet, as it is home to hundreds of bays and shallow inlets along its coast, huge rock formations covered in lush green vegetation, and sapphire ocean water that reflects the sun filled sky. This tropical paradise makes for incredible diving and snorkeling, and the options for different explorations are innumerable.

Whether you’re exploring under a rock outcropping for caves below the surface or paddling over a reef to see the incredible marine life of this unique region on the Pacific, diving and snorkeling in the Philippines is a must for any serious fan of either sport, as there is no other similar experience that compares. Palawan and the seas surrounding other islands are also perfect for kayaking, as this is the perfect way to explore this land. Adventure travel in the Philippines sometimes means not always finding roads that lead everywhere, so kayaking can be a great way to explore the coast and access many different areas. Many visitors choose to combine kayaking trips with overnight camping on beaches and shorelines. Just imagine waking up to an incredible sunrise on the beach and spending the day paddling through the surreal beauty of these jungle covered islands!

Hiking and trekking are also very popular ways to see the Philippines, as the lack of roads also lends itself to adventure travel enthusiasts who enjoy blazing their own trail. Hiking and camping means really seeing the islands in a whole new way, and are probably the most economical way to cover a lot of ground for any Philippines adventure travel fans.

The cliffs and strange volcanic geology of this nation also makes it a perfect destination for rock climbing enthusiasts. All over the islands, including Palawan, you’ll find lots of great rock formations to climb, some well-mapped by other climbers and many more for you to discover yourself. There’s nothing like rock climbing above the crystal waters on the coast!

Phillipines adventure travel can be a bit dangerous for inexperienced travelers, as it is not the easiest country to feel secure in due to its largely unsettled regions and the lack of real infrastructure outside the cities. However, for true fans of excitement and world travel, arranging plans for Philippines adventure travel will provide you with incredible experiences that you’ll be able to share for a lifetime. No place is like the Philippines, and seeing it for yourself is the only way to understand its incredible beauty.






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