Mountaineers on mountain, Chamonix, Haute Savoie, France

France Adventure Travel for Thrill-Seeking Tourists

There’s no denying the beauty of France. Whether you’re talking about the beautiful hills and valleys of the northern region, the incredible coastline and cliffs along the English Channel and Atlantic Ocean or the rugged Pyrenees Mountains to the south, this country exemplifies all kinds of different terrain, which makes French adventure travel the perfect option for many adventure sports enthusiasts.

Beginning in the north, adventure travel in France takes advantages of the scenic coastlines and hill country of the Normandy, Burgundy and Bretagne areas. One of the most popular forms of France adventure travel in these areas is mountain biking. Cross country mountain biking is the perfect way to explore the country side and small villages that lie throughout the regions, while also presenting a challenging test of endurance. Sightseeing goes hand in hand with all kinds of adventure travel in France, but especially mountain biking, as you can design your expedition around visiting historic regions, such as the beaches of Normandy, where the decisive battles of World War II were fought on D-Day.

France is also known for having some of the most jaw-dropping places for rock climbing, the most notable being the cliffs that rise up from the coast on the country’s northern border. With miles of cliff extending along the scenic coastline, rock climbing fans will always be able to discover a new route to climb and a new challenge, all the while with the sound of the ocean behind them. The thrill of rock climbing while having the majesty of the ocean scenery all to yourself is an opportunity that is unmatched by any other rock climbing location in the world.

Paragliding is also a very popular reason for adventure travel in France these days. Whether you’re interested in ridge jumping or cross country trips, paragliding in France is perfect because of the spread out land and the rolling hills and ridges that induce great current of air, perfect for flight through paragliding.

Fans of skiing and snowboarding also flock in great numbers to the south of France, where the Pyrenees Mountains along the border with Spain offer world-class mountain slopes and backwoods trails for all levels of experience. The Pyrenees are also considered to have some of the best extreme skiing and snowboarding in the world, so expert skiers looking for a thrill will certainly be able to find it. There are lots of great remote mountain lodges in which to stay as well, and plenty of opportunities for camping and hiking both during the winter and summer months. The Pyrenees offer some of the best of what makes adventure travel in France so memorable, as rock climbing, whitewater rafting and other intense adventure sports can be practiced here.

Whether you’re looking to go on hiking expeditions to explore the famed wine regions of Burgundy or camping trips along the gorgeous southern coastline of the Mediterranean, adventure travel in France is sure to please. France has so much to offer in terms of outdoor activities and sports, chances are that if you want to try it, adventure travel in France can mean finding some of the best spots for it in the world.






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