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Germany Adventure Travel

Home to incredibly dense and beautiful forests and rivers, as well as the humbling presence of the Alps Mountains, Germany is a nation with abundant natural resources, making it the perfect destination for fans of adventure travel and outdoor sports. Adventure travel in Germany can really mean whatever you want it to. There are lots of opportunities for skiing and snowboarding, hiking and camping and even whitewater rafting throughout the country. The diverse terrain lends itself to almost every kind of outdoor sport imaginable, and adventure travel in Germany is quickly becoming one of the most popular tourism pastimes out there.

Adventure travel in Germany often begins with perhaps its most notable landmark and outdoor sports resource, the Alps Mountains. The Alps are home to some of the most premier skiing and snowboarding in the world, as there are plenty of established ski areas as well as opportunities for backcountry skiing. Many people choose to spend the day hiking high up into the mountains, and the go skiing or snowboarding to get back down as a way of forging new paths and finding fresh snow.

The scenery at such high altitudes is breathtaking, and many people choose to go hiking and camping in the Alps in the warmer months. There are all kinds of trails at lower altitudes and you can easily plan as long or short an expedition as you like. Mountain biking is also extremely popular in the Alps, as the opportunities for downhill riding are plentiful. Many of the downhill mountain biking trails also leads into the lush, tall forests below the mountains, where trails spread out for miles, so cross country mountain biking fans can explore all day is well. The peace of the German wilderness will definitely leave an impression, just as the challenging riding will be some of the best mountain biking you’ll ever experience.

The Alps and other mountainous regions also offer impressive cliffs and boulders for rock climbing, as Germany is known the world over for being one of the most popular rock climbing destinations. The limestone cliffs of Frakenjura are a must for any serious rock climbing expert, but climbers of all ability will find that there are all kinds of well-marked areas for rock climbing of all skill levels.

Adventure travel in Germany also means taking advantage of the country’s many rivers for rafting and fishing. Some of the best rivers for whitewater rafting are those coming out of the Alps, as the steep grades and mountain melted snow runoff create peak rapid season in spring as the temperature warms. Many fans of Germany adventure travel also tout the fishing in Germany’s rivers, as there are plenty of opportunities for fly fishing for trout in clear mountain streams and in rivers running through the depths of the quiet forests.

Adventure travel has something to offer everyone, from those looking for fast-paced thrills on the skiing and snowboarding slopes to those just looking to enjoy roughing it on a peaceful hiking and camping expedition in the countryside. Germany is a land of singular beauty, as there are many small hamlets and villages off the beaten path where the pace and joy of life is so evidently low key that you’ll feel as if you’ve charmed. Experience Germany adventure travel today and you’ll keep coming back for a world of exciting outdoor adventures in this marvelous country.






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