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Italy Adventure Travel for Thrill-Seeking Tourists

Italy exemplifies all sorts of different terrains, climates and environments, which is why adventure travel in Italy is so popular among outdoor sports enthusiasts and non-traditional tourists. From the Alps in the north, down through the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany and on into the warm fields of the south, Italy is full of diverse ways to enjoy the natural landscape, whether you’re a fan of mountain biking, kayaking or fishing!

In the Alps, skiing and snowboarding are extremely popular forms of adventure travel in Italy. The incredible mountain slopes make for some of the best downhill skiing and snowboarding in the world, while the alpine pastures and many trails that wind through the forests are perfect for some of the most scenic cross country skiing you’ll ever find.

From the Alps all the way down to Sicily, mountain biking is the preferred form of adventure travel in Italy, as it allows you to combine a great, challenging physical activity with a slower form of travel and sightseeing that allows you to get the full scope of what Italy has to offer. Mountain biking trips can be planned however you want, so you can set the length and route of your trip. When most people think of sightseeing in Italy, they think of walking around Rome or Florence and visiting popular tourist destinations. But mountain biking allows you to see what you’d never find on a guided tour or in a tourist’s handbook. You’ll pedal your way past olive tree farms and vineyards, through tiny villages and hamlets where you can meet the locals and get a true taste of the many varieties of Italian culture. There’s really no better way to see the countryside.

Rock climbing is also big when it comes to adventure travel in Italy. There are incredible chances for rock climbing on the ancient cliffs that line Mediterranean sea in Sicily, and some great chances for bouldering on huge rocks in this dry, southern climate. Sicily is one of the most gorgeous and unspoiled regions of Italy and rock climbing there will give you a true appreciation of its beauty.

Fishing the Mediterranean is also extremely popular among Italy adventure travel enthusiasts, as a day on these deep blue waters will have you conjuring up images of ancient times and the first civilizations that this historic sea breathed life into. The fishing itself is incredible, as there are all kinds of chances to go sport fishing or saltwater fly fishing for some incredible game fish.

Kayaking is also a great way to see Italy, whether along the coast in the south or in the thunderous mountain rivers and streams running out of the Alps. In a country so dependent and centered around the sea, kayaking can give you a great impression of life here, and can also lead you to some places you’d never be able to access on foot!

Adventure travel in Italy can be a great experience for anyone who wants to participate. This beautiful and incredibly historic country has a lot to offer, and fans of any adventure sport will certainly find a great number of people travel here to follow the same passion. The best part about Italy adventure travel however is that it has something to offer everyone, from backroad travelers to hardcore outdoor enthusiasts. Everyone leaves Italy with a few great stories to tell and lots of vivid memories of this magical country.






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