Autumn in Altai mountains. Chuya river, Kurai steppe and mountain range at sunset. Siberia, Russia

Russia Adventure Travel for Thrill-Seeking Tourists

Adventure travel in Russia is for people who truly want to experience the untamed glory of the wilderness in all its natural splendor. Russia adventure travel isn’t for any ordinary tourist, this largely snowbound region can be an incredible place to visit, but the climate can be harsh and unforgiving. It is, however, home to some of the best locations for a variety of adventure sports and outdoor activities, and every year brave adventure travel enthusiasts come here to take on the elements in a challenging environment. Adventure travel in Russia will make you feel truly alive, and redefine your expectations of what international travel can be.

Since adventure travel in Russia so often centers around taking advantage of the snowy winter climate, skiing and snowboarding have been and always will be two of the most popular activities for visitors here. While there are not as many groomed ski resorts available around here, Russia has some of the best skiing and snowboarding to offer of anywhere in the world.

Skiing in the beautiful Ural Mountains is an experience like no other, as there are glades, bowls and furious stretches of steep grades and cliffs, many of which are only accessible after hours of hiking. For true fans of extreme skiing and snowboarding, adventure travel in Russia will offer some of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life, as for many, skiing and snowboarding in Russia is nothing short of heaven. Another popular sport that takes advantage of the mountainous terrain of the Urals and other natural structures and anomalies is rock climbing. Russia is full of incredible rock climbing, from bouldering on ancient rock formations in the southern regions near the Caspian Sea to alpine ascents in the Urals and other famous mountain ranges. Avid fans of rock climbing also come to Russia to try out ice climbing, a popular departure from the normal challenge the sport presents. Adventure travel in Russia can bring you to some of the most fascinating granite and limestone rock climbing that makes for some of the best technical climbing in Europe.

Paragliding is another popular pastime for fans of adventure travel in Russia, as the hilly, cragged terrain of much of the country is perfect for taking advantage of updrafts in wind for cross country trips. The cold climate of the mountains is also a perfect indicator of excellent ridge paragliding, as the warm sun creates thermal columns of air in lots of different locations to encourage great paragliding expeditions.

Perhaps the greatest way to see the incredible scenery and natural splendor of this country is to experience it through hiking and camping. Whether you take advantage of the warm-weather months and hike through the beautiful green fields and vales of this unspoiled country, or you’re fascinated by the challenge of snow camping and a trek through the serene winter landscape, adventure travel in Russia can give you a whole new outlook on hiking and camping. Similarly, many people choose to explore a wide area of Russia through cross country mountain biking. Mountain biking fans can plan incredible expeditions that will take them through villages seldom, if ever, seen by tourists, and allow you to traverse the country to see all its environments and climates.

Adventure travel in Russia can be anything you want it to be. There is so much to see and do that many visitors find themselves coming back to take advantage of it all. There is a prominent sense of peace that prevails when one loses themselves in the vast landscape of this ancient country. Russia adventure travel can help you find that peace, and to discover a mysterious country full of ancient natural wonders and incredible chances to live life to the fullest.






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