Mountains Landscape in Norway. Scandinavia.

Scandinavia Adventure Travel for Thrill-Seeking Tourists

When most people consider adventure travel in Scandinavia, they think of freezing cold mountains, icy plains and frigid, though beautiful waters. However, while this conception can be true for certain regions, it too easily glazes over what adventure travel in Scandinavia has to offer. During much of the year Scandinavia can be quite warm and beautiful, as you’ll find everything from incredible mountain biking through forests and along lakesides in Norway to whitewater kayaking the raging rivers of Sweden. Adventure travel in Scandinavia has something to offer everyone, not just winter sports enthusiasts.

One of the most popular destinations for adventure travel in Scandinavia is Eidfjord, Norway. During the warmer months, this beautiful region is home to lush green fields and flowing rivers that are perfect for both rafting and kayaking. Fans of these adventure sports will be thrilled by the chance to do such thrilling river riding in such a beautiful and impressive environment, as you’ll race down rivers while kayaking or rafting with mountains and fields spread out all around you.

There are also great opportunities for kayaking around the many fjords of Norway, Sweden and Finland that will instill awe. Any great kayaking expedition in these countries should involve camping and multi-day excursions, as spending time under the shadow of the huge, ancient glacial mountains will truly affect you. Mountain biking is a great way to enjoy adventure travel in Scandinavia, because it allows you to tour the rugged countryside very effectively. Mountain biking in Scandinavia can be as challenging as you want, as there are many ways to customize and plan your route. Of course, there are well established routes as well, such as the Urpolan in Finland or the Red Trail in Denmark, which offer incredibly scenic routes along lakes and through forests that will bring you in touch with the natural beauty of Scandinavia.

Of course, there are plenty of opportunities for winter sports when it comes to adventure travel in Scandinavia, the least of which is certainly not skiing and snowboarding. Famed for its incredible mountains, Sweden has long been a downhill skiing or snowboarding enthusiast’s Mecca, but incredible skiing and snowboarding can also be found in mountains in Finland and Norway as well as Denmark. Cross country skiing is a must-try in Scandinavia, as many consider this to be the sport’s birthplace. During the winter there are incredible trails that will take you throughout the snowbound countryside to discover the beauty of this incredible region. Cross country skiing is also an incredibly healthy workout, and many who try it in Scandinavia become fans for life.

Adventure travel in Scandinavia can be an experience that will stick with you forever. It s difficult to describe the beauty of this northern land, as the peace and quiet one finds here are just as much a part of the scenery as the mountains, rivers and forests. If you’re considering getting away to where the air is clean and crisp and nature seems as fresh and unspoiled now as it was thousands of years ago, then adventure travel in Scandinavia may be for you.






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