The historic old city of Toledo in Spain

Spain Adventure Travel

When it comes to adventure travel in Spain, there are all sorts of great destinations and activities for everyone. This beautiful country sits on both the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean, has great mountains in the north, and is fully of rolling countryside, so the diversity of the terrain lends itself to a wide variety of adventure sports.

Perhaps most notable of Spain adventure travel options is surfing. With lots of coastline on the Atlantic that produces some incredible waves during the peak season, Spain is one of the most popular surfing destinations in Europe. Beginners and advanced surfing fans alike will find all sorts of great locations along the sprawling coast. With splendid scenery and plenty of unpopulated spots, surfing in Spain can be a great getaway from the traditionally crowded beaches in other surfing hotspots throughout the world.

The Pyrenees Mountains lie in the northern region along the border with France, and are a great location for a wide range of adventure travel in Spain and outdoor sports activities. Skiing and snowboarding are huge here, as the Pyrenees offer some of the best slopes and technical skiing anywhere. There are plenty of opportunities for skiing and snowboarding in the backcountry as well, and many fans of adventures travel in Spain claim that there are few places in the world as thrilling to ski for their openness, beauty, and difficulty.

The Pyrenees are also home to rivers that come crashing out through the foothills and into the heart of the country, so naturally rafting is a very popular activity. You’ll find lots of rivers that offer thrilling, high category rapids that are great for whitewater rafting or kayaking, as well as many outfitters and travel guides that can help set you up with the best rafting and kayaking trips out there.

Rock climbing in Spain is extremely popular, and by far one of the best reasons for adventure travel in Spain. There are locations all over the country to climb, but perhaps the best and most scenic is the Peñon d’Ifach, a gigantic, three sided rock that rises high above the landscape on the coast of the Mediterranean. This incredible structure has been the premier climbing destination in Spain for decades, and offers all sorts of routes and faces of varying difficulty. And the best part is the view it provides, which spans for miles over the countryside and over the sea.

And when it comes to sightseeing the fantastic scenery Spain has to offer, there’s no better way than to experience it through hiking or mountain biking. Both sports offer you the chance to get far off the beaten path and see what the countryside is really like, which is really what adventure travel in Spain is all about. There are all sorts of trails for hiking that will lead you through some of the most scenic locations on the continent, and cross country mountain biking even further expands your options, since it can take you anywhere you want to go! Many fans of adventure travel in Spain combine camping and one of these two modes of travel to map out expeditions and trips that can last as long as you like.

Come try adventure travel in Spain and see a different side of one of Europe’s most beautiful countries.






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