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China Adventure Travel

China may be one of the most important historical societies in the world, given how much they have contributed to modern culture. From inventing paper in ancient times to their innovative modern technology, China is a land of rich culture, deep history and a glorious natural landscape. Now, adventure travel in China opens up this incredible land to international travelers seeking to explore more than just the major cities and surface destinations. Adventure travel in China will allow you to explore this beautiful land and enjoy its splendid scenery and culture through challenging outdoor adventures.

Enjoying China also involves learning about this vast country. Since simply visiting and staying merely for an outdoor activity will never give you the full scope of what this country has to offer, we advise that those who sign on for adventure travel in China combine as much of their adventure travel as they can with sightseeing, so they can still get the full experience of culture and history, but see it from the angle of an adventure traveler.

One of the most popular activities that sums up this travel philosophy is to go mountain biking or hiking along the Great Wall. The Great Wall was built to keep out the Mongolian Hordes over 2,000 years ago, and measures over 2,100 miles in length over hills, mountains and through scenic valleys. Hiking or mountain biking along a portion of this incredible architectural feat will truly give you a sense of its true scale, and it will also allow you to experience deep parts of China’s backcountry. The hiking and mountain biking can be aggressive and difficult, but when combining this trip with a long camping expedition, it can truly become one of those once-in-a-lifetime adventure travel experience.

Adventure travel in China also involves rafting, as there is plenty of whitewater rafting available along the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, and one many of the tributaries flowing our of the Himalayas, where hiking is also highly popular. Rafting or kayaking down these rivers is challenging, but again it is a great way to see the country. There are now plenty of guided trips to lead you on kayaking and rafting based China adventure travel tours as well.

China’s diverse geography has also given rise to rock climbing as a particularly interesting option for those interested in adventure travel in China. You’ll find all kinds of unique cliffs rising over lakes in the inner regions, and rock outcroppings shrouded in morning mist that make for ethereal and spiritually resonant rock climbing expeditions.

No matter what you choose to do during your China adventure travel experience, you’ll find that China offers the chance to explore a country like no other, that has until recently been largely off-limits to tourists. Exploring this incredible land will allow you to discover another incredibly diverse ecological and geological country of wonders, while also reveling in symbols and sites of the incredible history and past of the Chinese people that still exist in all sorts of locations today. China adventure travel has it all!






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