Trekkers hiking along a ridge, Gokyo, Nepal

Nepal Adventure Travel

Adventure travel in Nepal will bring you to the inner reaches of a high-altitude country few in the world have ever visited. There is a certain sense of ancient mystery that pervades the air here, as you’ll walk ancient streets in the capital of Katmandu and visit incredible Buddhist temples in remote mountainous areas. The peace that exists in this country calms all travelers, whether it’s through the warmth of its citizens of the serene beauty of the mountains. Either way, adventure travel in Nepal provides all kinds of exciting outdoor activities, as well as the opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture that is inviting and centered around finding inner peace in a world where outer peace seldom exists.

Of course the activity of choice for adventure travel in Nepal is hiking and camping. With access to some of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges and trails leading all over the foothills and up into the Himalayas, hiking and camping in this often snowbound land knows no parallel.

Whether you’re hiking in the peaceful beauty of the Annapurna basin under the shadows of the high peaks or making a go at the ascent of K2 or Everest, adventure travel in Nepal is defined by hiking and camping excursions. Although it is surprising to many, rafting is also an especially popular option for Nepal adventure travel. There are all sorts of rivers flowing out of the Himalayas down into the Nepalese low country, and many of them are full of furious rapids that make for an incredibly exciting ride. The main rivers in the Koshi region, as they are known, are the biggest parts of the rives, which then diverge into smaller rivers known as Gandaki, and eventually flow on to meet up with the holy river of the Ganges, which flows out of India into Nepal. Rafting can take you this entire journey, as you can stay rafting on the river for days by camping along its shore with many outfitters and guided river tour operators.

There are also incredible chances for skiing and snowboarding, though there are virtually no specialized areas or resorts devoted to the sport. The majority of skiing and snowboarding in the Himalayas involves hiking up and then riding down, which while it sounds challenging, provides incredible thrills for skiing and snowboarding fresh snow and down slopes few have skied, if ever.

The mountainous region also lends itself to rock climbing, which is a huge draw for adventure travel in Nepal. With all kinds of technical rock formations in the lower regions and incredible chances for snowy alpine rock climbing higher up, adventure travel in Nepal was made for the avid rock climbing enthusiast, as thousands come from all over the world every year to enjoy what the Himalayas have to offer.

Finally, paragliding is growing in popularity in Nepal, as the many ridges, cliffs and upward drafts of thermal air are a paragliding fan’s dream. Using these air current, gliders can soar through the Himalayas free of anything except the wind and the parachute they use to control it, gazing down on the incredible scenery below. Paragliding is recommended for all, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular activities when it comes to adventure travel in Nepal.

If you’re craving a journey to a land that is truly off the map for traditional tourism, be sure to check out the incredible array of opportunities offered by adventure travel in Nepal. This vast wild kingdom is just waiting to be explored. But no matter what you do while you’re here, adventure travel in Nepal always winds up giving travelers something to leave with that is more than just a memory; it is a lasting feeling of the peace that lingers in this incredibly beautiful and sublime land.






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