Elephants at sunrise in Thailand

Thailand Adventure Travel

As intrepid travelers and extreme tourists look for more exciting ways to explore the cultures and terrain of foreign countries, they constantly look for bigger thrills and more secluded regions. Adventure travel in Thailand can satisfy the wants of anyone thirsting for something more than the traditional travel experience. This beautiful country is full of deep jungles and pristine, sandy beaches, and is still untamed enough to make you feel like you’re really roughing it in a country where the culture, history and people are so unique that you’ll instantly realize what all fans of adventure travel in Thailand have already discovered: there is no place on earth like Thailand.

Any Thailand adventure travel vacation has to involve visiting the Thai isles and miles of sandy beaches that extends along the southern portion of the country. These gorgeous tropical beaches are like true paradises, as visitors can lounge under palm trees and sleep in huts along the shoreline.

There is also a wide array of adventure water sports to engage in, such as kayaking. Many people choose to take kayaking trips to help them better explore tiny islands and add another layer of challenge by avoiding main roads and travel over land. Perhaps one of the most well-known aspects of the Thailand beaches are their incredible surfing potential, as certain spots offer consistently great waves year round.

Diving and snorkeling are also very popular in Thailand, as exploring the warm waters offshore will introduce you to incredible marine life.

Fishing is also a very popular form of Thailand adventure travel, both in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Thailand. There are all kinds of charters and expeditions you can sign up for, or you can explore the waters yourself!

Fans of hiking will be astounded by the array of hiking and camping options offered by adventure travel in Thailand. In addition to the beach camping and hiking available in the southern coastal communities, hiking inland offers the chance to explore incredible jungle territories in the miles and miles of undeveloped land.

Thailand is truly a country of national parks, and hiking and camping fans will find all sorts of locations where you can plan expeditions and wildlife safaris both on your own and as part of a guided group tour. Along the border with Laos and Cambodia there are also plenty of opportunities to go sightseeing during treks, as you can visit ancient Khmer temples and ruins that are thousands of years old. Adventure travel in Thailand will make you feel like you’re able to explore a place that has remained largely untouched by man, and visiting these ancient locations will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time! Rafting is also excellent in Thailand, as the Pai River cuts through miles of thick, scenic jungle, and over some incredible class 4 and 5 rapids!

No matter what you do while you’re here, adventure travel in Thailand can mean some incredible chances for seeing a vastly unexplored country and really getting away. Part of the beauty of this country is also the open, friendly culture of the Thai residents, as well as the incredible history of the region, so be sure to do some sightseeing and getting out in the cities as well. Plan your Thailand adventure travel today and get ready for the trip of a lifetime!






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