Bear Lake, Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA.

Adventure Travel in Colorado

When it comes too finding a diverse selection of environments for all kinds of adventure sports within a small area, there’s nothing like adventure travel in Colorado. This unique state is situated along some of the highest peaks in the Rocky Mountain Range of North America, but also encompasses vast forests and alpine meadows as well as low-lying plains. It is truly one of the most ecologically diverse areas of the United States, and that is why Colorado adventure travel is such an attractive location for so many people.

The Rocky Mountains offer so many options for Colorado adventure travel it’s staggering, the least of which isn’t the world-class skiing and snowboarding available on the many slopes and mountains throughout the region. From world-famous Vail and Aspen to the technically difficult backcountry of Arapaho Valley and Breckenridge, there are lots of skiing and snowboarding areas to choose from, many designed for all levels of experience. Adventure travel in Colorado can bring you to some the best skiing and snowboarding you’ll ever experience.

Another popular mountain sport in the area is rock-climbing, and Colorado has some of the best in the nation. There are so many areas to choose from for all kinds of rock climbing that you could spend years tackling them all and still not have exhausted your options. The Rockies offer tremendous alpine rock climbing, while the Flat Irons outside boulder provide lots of different cliffs and steep grades for beginners and advanced climbers. This great adventure sport is always attracting new members because places like these exist-the opportunity to climb some of the ancient red-rock formations available in Colorado is an incredible one, and will leave you breathless.

Whitewater rafting is also a huge draw for Colorado adventure travel, as the Colorado, Yampa and Gunnison rivers offer some of the best category 4 and 5 rapids you’ll find. What makes rafting in Colorado special has more to do with the scenery than just the rapids themselves though, as there is no experience like being surrounded by cliffs and the splendid natural scenery that comes with adventure sports in the Rocky Mountains. Many also choose to go kayaking on these same rivers, both in the more serene sections and through the whitewater.

Paragliding is also quickly becoming a popular sport, as the ridges and hills of the lower Rockies are perfect for this thrilling sport that actually allows participants to fly using a parachute that catches updrafts of wind.

And of course, camping and hiking have long been favorite pastimes of all sorts of Colorado adventure travel enthusiasts. Whether you’re setting out to hike the Continental Divide or incorporating camping into a rafting or rock climbing expedition, there are plenty of trails, both beaten and less traveled for fans of camping and hiking to take advantage of all over the state.

Adventure travel in Colorado is an experience like no other, and it can mean many different things to different travelers. Above all, Colorado is a beautiful state, and anyone who visits, regardless of their plans for activities while there, will be astounded by the magnitude of the natural setting.






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