Flowing lava in Hawaii

Adventure Travel in Hawaii

For some of the most exciting adventure sports and outdoor warm-weather activities in the ocean and on land, nothing tops Hawaii adventure travel. Hawaii is a diverse, tropical island that is home to many different types of ecology and terrain. From picturesque beaches that seem to defy the passage of time to ancient volcanoes and thick jungles, adventure travel in Hawaii means exploring so many different areas and doing so many different things it can be hard to capture it all.

One of the most popular reasons for adventure travel in Hawaii is the vibrant surfing culture present there. With miles of incredible white-sand beaches that are famous for having great waves of varying difficulty for people with all levels of surfing experience, it’s an incredible destination for anyone looking to learn the sport or for surfing experts.

The beaches of Hawaii also offer incredible opportunities for sightseeing, as Hawaii has some of the world’s most splendid sunsets every evening.There are also plenty of other locations available for sightseeing, such as the Pearl Harbor Memorial, and even incredible helicopter rides that will give you a real sense of the splendor of this chain of islands.

Hawaii adventure travel also attracts lots of hikers and campers interested in the diverse natural beauty and wildlife present there. You’ll find lots of trails for hiking that meander for days along coastlines and through tropical jungles filled with exotic birds and lizards, and you’ll find plenty of campsites along the way where you can light campfires and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean crashing against the shoreline. One of the most popular hiking adventure trips is to explore the lava fields on the main island of Hawaii. The most fascinating part of this experience is that while the fields themselves are thousands of years old, in many portions there is still hot lava moving, and the fields shift and change every year. Hiking is both one of the most popular forms of adventure travel in Hawaii, and also an astounding lesson in ecology and history.

Kayaking is another great way to see the islands, as it allows you to explore entire regions of untouched coastline and beaches, including the famous Meandering Bays, some of the most secluded and peaceful places on the island.

Perhaps the most popular reason for Hawaii adventure travel among visitors is the great opportunities for diving and snorkeling that abound. With lots of coral reefs surrounding many of the islands, diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will have endless options for exploring marine life and beautiful coral formations in the crystal clear waters just off shore. You’ll find all kinds of incredible species that are not seen in any other diving location in the world!

Paragliding is becoming an increasingly popular adventure sport in Hawaii as well, as the terrain is well suited to this incredible experience that is as close to flying as you’ll ever get. Maui even has its own paragliding school, so if you’re looking to learn this sport in a fantastic and beautiful location, paragliding adventure travel in Hawaii is certainly for you!

Adventure travel in Hawaii has a lot to offer, and it’s recommended for anyone who enjoys warm climates and appreciates the beauty of the natural tropical setting. It is a certainly the place to go for those looking for something more out of their travel experiences than sitting in a beach chair at a resort. Contact the Hawaii tourism department to learn more about Hawaii adventure travel opportunities.






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