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Adventure Travel in Mexico

For fun in the sun, incredible outdoor sports activities and a good dose of a fun and exciting culture, there’s no better option than Mexico adventure travel. This scenic North American country is home to some of the world’s best locations for a wide variety of adventure sports activities from north to south, so no matter what you’re looking to do, adventure travel in Mexico has something to offer.

An extremely popular reason for adventure travel in Mexico has always been the incredible opportunities for diving and snorkeling that abound. With coastlines on both the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, there are all sorts of opportunities to explore both coral reefs and unique underwater structures, such as sunken ships. The crystal clear tropical waters that surround much of the coastline, especially in the Yucatan Peninsula make for excellent diving and snorkeling visibility as well, and thousands of fans of adventure travel in Mexico visit the region every year to take advantage.

In addition to diving and snorkeling, another popular Mexico adventure travel activity that takes place in the ocean is fishing. As one of the world’s most popular sport fishing destinations, there are all kinds of ways to charter boats for deep-sea fishing or to simply go surfcasting on the miles of sandy beaches up and down the coast. Mexico’s waters are home to some of the most sought-after game fish in the world, the least of which is certainly not the famous Blue Marlin. There are thousands of outfitters for marlin fishing in Mexico, and anyone can have a chance to take on the most challenging and enduring quarry for fishing fans the world over. In addition to marlin, fans of fishing will be able to catch grouper, sailfish, dolphin and plenty of other species!

Perhaps the most famous ocean sport commonly associated with adventure travel in Mexico is surfing, and there are no shortage of beaches with beautiful waves for both experienced and beginner fans of this exciting sport. Mexico is an especially popular surfing destination in the winter, when the waters further north are too cold for most fans. A surfing trip in Mexico will introduce you to some great beaches and even greater waves, and people come from all over just to give this popular form of Mexico adventure travel a try.

On land there is all sorts of sightseeing available in many of this beautiful country’s old cities. Remnants of Spanish colonialism still exist all over, as cities from north to south still display the incredible Spanish architecture that has captured the hearts of romantic adventure travelers for years.

While there are plenty of opportunities for hiking and camping, perhaps the most well-known of Mexico adventure travel activities on land is paragliding. Paragliding is a unique sport that uses wind drafts and thermal air to actually lift participants into the air by way of a huge parachute. The glider then uses a system of ropes to manipulate the chute into carrying them over long distances using only natural wind patterns! Paragliding is as close to flying as you could ever get, and it is an incredible thrill.

Adventure travel in Mexico grows more popular every year, but there are still plenty of places to go and activities available that can show you a different side of this beautiful country than what the normal tourist experiences. Mexico adventure travel has something to offer everyone, and it is certainly a must-see destination for any world traveler no matter what your interests in the outdoors or adventure sports.






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