Aerial top view of the Caribbean Sea in the Goff's Caye island in Belize, Central America

Adventure Travel in Belize

Belize is home to some of the most crystal clear ocean waters and some spectacular chances for adventure sports both on land and in water, which is why adventure travel in Belize is becoming so popular. While this tiny country it is often thought of as simply, a beach resort community, adventure travel in Belize has much more to offer than just a lazy day in the sun.

Adventure travel in Belize and adventure travel in Costa Rica are also becoming increasingly popular because of their vibrant beach and ocean cultures, where diving and snorkeling is bar none some of the best in the world. The incredible clear water as well as the shallow depths and abundance of coral reefs make these locations a main attraction for adventure travel in South America. Surfing is also a very popular sport in Belize and Costa Rica, and enthusiasts come from all over the world to brave some of South America’s most difficult waves.

When it comes to snorkeling and diving, Belize is second to none. The waters off the coast of this tropical paradise boast some of the best visibility of any in the world, and with hundreds of coral reefs and underwater structures only a short boat ride or swim from shore, diving or snorkeling in Belize is like nothing you’ll ever experience again. Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts alike are amazed at the incredible diversity of creatures that inhabit the reefs and ocean floors, and it seems like everywhere you look there’s something new to see. Whether you’re swimming through a school of brilliantly colored angel fish in the world-famous Blue Hole site, or exploring the wreck of a century old ship, this incredible Belize adventure travel experience will stay with you forever.

Kayaking is also another important feature of adventure travel in Belize, as it allows you to explore the rock coastline in a way you never could on foot. Since the Belize coast is in places made up of rock that has been eroded by thousands of years of wear and tear by the ocean, there are lots of caves and crannies that you can deftly maneuver your way through while kayaking. You’ll be amazed at the feeling of freedom as you paddle over some of the bluest water you’ll ever see as you make your way towards a tiny island thick with palms. Kayaking is also popular on the freshwater rivers of the Belize rainforest as well, and you’ll find plenty of guided trips and tours to show you the way.

Another ocean attraction for fans of adventure travel in Belize is fishing, as the miles of shallows and flats surrounding the mainland are perfect locations for sight-casting, a true challenge for any serious saltwater fishing fan. Tarpon, Permit, Barracuda and the elusive Bonefish are among some of the most sought-after fish here, and you’ll find plenty of captains and outfitters ready to take you to some of their favorite locations for a world-class guided fishing experience.

But whether you’re exploring the oceans, hiking through a rainforest trail or just sightseeing along the beautiful cliffs of the coasts at sunset, adventure travel in Belize can be a very special experience that can put an incredible distance between you and your normal life. Belize adventure travel is not to be missed.






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