Hike in Patagonia

Adventure Travel in Chile

Those who take part in adventure travel in Chile are never disappointed. This country has it all. From the Atacama Desert in the northern part of the country to the unmatched majesty of the Patagonia mountain region in the south and the many rivers and valleys in between, Chile is full of surprises, as well as lots of great options for adventure sports activities.

When fans of adventure travel in Chile first come to Patagonia, they are speechless. This beautiful region is comprised of cragged mountains capped with snow, beautiful grassy fields and clear rivers running through fertile valleys, and ancient expansive glaciers. One of the best ways to see Patagonia is through hiking. Hiking and camping in this incredible environment is breathtaking, and you’ll be astounded by the crisp clean air and the ability to see for miles on clear days. One of the most impressive hiking locations is the Torres del Paine National Park. Here, you can choose from difficult or lighter hiking expeditions that will take you through some of the most beautiful scenery Patagonia has to offer.

Patagonia is also a very popular Chile adventure travel destination for fans of skiing and snowboarding. During summer in the northern hemisphere, the skiing and snowboarding in Chile is phenomenal, and enthusiasts travel from all over the world to carve the slopes in the beauty of this natural setting. The rocky cliffs, ridges and mountainsides of Patagonia are also optimum spots for rock climbing. Rock climbing is a huge part of Chile adventure travel in general, but Patagonia truly offers some of the best and most interesting climbs.

Adventure travel in Chile has more to offer than just land sports however, as the Patagonia Fjords offer great opportunities for sea kayaking. From the island of Chiloe to the astounding beauty of Pumalin Park, where the Patagonia Fjords will lead you into beautiful rivers that flow lazily under the watchful gaze of snow topped mountains. The temperate climate of Pumalin Park however makes this Chile adventure travel experience very comfortable, as you can combine your kayaking expedition with overnight camping and really experience the full breadth of the beauty of this country. The lush vegetation and countless waterfalls along the fjords are like nothing you’ve ever seen!

These same beautiful rivers also offer the chance to take part in another incredible Chile adventure travel activity, which is whitewater rafting. What a marvelous location for rafting, as you’re shot down a raging river and through roaring cataracts of water, all the while surrounded by miles of wilderness at the bottom of a valley.

Adventure travel in Chile is truly a wild experience. Chile and Patagonia are huge and breathtaking, and almost completely empty of civilization. Travelers are almost overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of it all. While you may never be sure of what you’re going to see next, the one thing you can predict about adventure travel in Chile is a powerful experience that will reshape how you think about the natural world.






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