Hike in Costa Rica

Adventure Travel in Costa Rica

With some of the world’s most beautiful coastline and deep, mountainous jungles with still-active volcanoes, adventure travel in Costa Rica can be one of the most varied and exciting experiences you can find in world travel. There is a diverse ecosystem displayed in this small country, with lots of gorgeous wildlife, which also makes Costa Rica adventure travel fascinating for fans of nature and the outdoors. And there are all kinds of things to do while you’re here, as you’ll find some incredible spots for lots of great adventure sports and activities.

Adventure travel in Costa Rica is extremely popular for fans of water sports, because in addition to be surrounded by two seas, the Pacific and the Caribbean, Costa Rica has all sorts of fresh water rivers coming down out of its mountains that are perfect for whitewater rafting. Rafting is a huge draw for those looking at adventure travel in Costa Rica, since there are all kinds of great rivers that offer rapids with varying degrees of difficulty. Perhaps the most famous and exciting rafting opportunity is on the roaring Rio Savegre, which offers miles of tumbling water for a thrilling ride.

Kayaking is also popular on these rivers, as fans of the sport can start out on a river deep in the jungle and follow it all the way out to the coast! Kayaking the shallows around the coastline is also very popular, and allows you to see lots of diverse marine life, including leatherback sea turtles, many different kinds of exotic fish and even sharks! Of course, to really observe marine life, there’s no better option than diving or snorkeling in Costa Rica. Diving and snorkeling along the miles of pristine coasts is extremely easy, because many reefs and interesting underwater environment are accessible simply by walking into the water from the shore. The abundance of reefs and snorkeling opportunities attracts thousands of divers every year to Costa Rica adventure travel.

Surfing is another huge draw for adventure travelers, as Costa Rica offers stretched of gorgeous beaches alongside huge cliffs with some of the best waves in South America. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn surfing in an incredible natural setting or an expert looking for a new, challenging beach to conquer, surfing Rica is bar-none one of the most exciting options for adventure travel in Costa Rica.

Many travelers also come to Costa Rica simply to experience the glory and beauty of its forests and wildlife, which is why touring the country by hiking or mountain biking are such attractive options for Costa Rica adventure travel. The entire island has great places to explore, including Santa Rosa National Park, home to lava fields and both dormant and active volcanoes. The southern Pacific side of the island also is home to some incredible trails and remote wilderness, where you can disappear for days into nature and view brilliant macaws, morpho butterflies, and all sorts of other incredible wildlife that thrives in the lush rainforest environment. Both challenging and fascinating, mountain biking or hiking through the varied terrain of Costa Rica can be an incredible experience.

Discover all kinds of other Costa Rica adventure travel thrills by simply getting in touch with their tourism department or learning more about the hundreds of outfitters and guided tours you can take. Guide books can also be very helpful in independently planning your Costa Rica adventure travel as well. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking surfer or just looking to take in the splendor and natural beauty of this exotic country, adventure travel in Costa Rica has something special for you.






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