Panoramic view of " Isla Bartolome " at Galapagos Islands archipelago

Adventure Travel in Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are one of the most famous natural settings in the world. Here is a piece of nature that has evolved and developed completely on its own over the eons, and in addition to being incredibly beautiful, the lack of outside influence has led to the development of some of the most unique and intriguing wildlife found anywhere on the planet. Adventure travel in Galapagos puts you directly in the middle of it all. Few other locations on Earth carry such a sense of history, wonderment and timelessness, as they will puzzle and inspire you in the same way they did Charles Darwin during his studies there.

It has to be said that adventure travel in Galapagos centers around sightseeing. Visiting the Galapagos is all about exploring the fascinating landscape and taking in the subtleties of the unique ecosystem. Galapagos adventure travel inspires a curious sensation that you’ve somehow been transported back in time, as you’ll marvel at the size of the Galapagos tortoise, which with no natural predators living in its inhabitants for so many centuries, grew to be one of the largest reptiles on the planet.

There really is something pre-historic about this nation that has remained untouched by man in an effort to preserve the security of its one-of-a-kind life system. One of the greatest ways to experience adventure travel in Galapagos is to go on a kayaking expedition of the islands. Kayaking allows you to get a sense of the relationship between ocean and land on these islands, as you’ll see creatures like the Marine Iguana, which had to develop the ability to swim in order to travel to other islands in search of food and survive. Kayaking also allows you to enjoy the incredible array of marine life in the Galapagos, including sea lions, dolphins and even whales.

Of course, and Galapagos adventure travel experience wouldn’t be complete without the chance to go hiking. No matter which of the many islands in the archipelago you visit, hiking through them will allow you to experience the wildlife and flora up close and personal. There are lots of hiking opportunities of different levels of difficulty too, so you can devise a trek is as physically challenging as you like. One of the most popular hiking locations is the island of Bartolome, where you can actually hike up an extinct volcano and survey the islands below.

Adventure travel in Galapagos is a trip like no other, and it is certainly recommended for anyone with an interest in naturalism and history, or who just wants to experience the incredibly diversity of wildlife on Earth. The opportunity for adventure activities in such a unique location should not be missed, as Galapagos adventure travel will be something you will never forget.






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