Beautiful view of Laguna de Apoyo from Mirador de Catarina and Mombacho volcano, Nicaragua

Adventure Travel in Nicaragua

Nicaragua tends to be overlooked as a travel destination by the international community, but make no mistake, adventure travel in Nicaragua is one of a kind. Whether you’re hiking the slope of an active volcano, camping in some of the country’s incredible rainforest parks, or on an exciting fishing expedition, the excitement of exploring Nicaragua will make you never want to leave.

Any Nicaragua adventure travel expedition has to include hiking. From ancient volcanoes to hiking through incredibly lush mountainside jungles, hiking and camping in Nicaragua can be an incredible way to see the wide range of biodiversity that exists within this country’s borders. For the independent traveler, you can strike out on your own in the Miraflor nature preserve to experience the diverse wildlife that live in the rainforest jungles, from birds high up in the canopy to lizards and bugs creeping across the forest floors. However there are also plenty of guided hiking adventures available, which can take you deep in the rural country to visit the vibrant indigenous villages that exist.

Mountain biking is also a popular pastime for Nicaragua adventure travel enthusiasts, as there are plenty of chances for great cross country trips and downhill rides. Whether you’re taking advantage of the technical challenge of the lava fields and steep mountain slopes or following trails through the jungle, there are lots of great ways to enjoy mountain biking in Nicaragua’s many terrains.

Nicaragua adventure travel also encompasses a great deal of ocean and water sports, as every year people come here to enjoy fishing the serene Caribbean waters for bonefish and other exotic species. With crystal clear water and shores lined with palm trees, fishing in Nicaragua is like spending a day in heaven. There are also lots of opportunities for great diving in the Caribbean sea as well. Since the water is so clear, visibility at any depth is crystal clear, and with a wide series of reefs and coral banks to explore, you’ll never run out of new locations to dive.

On the Pacific side, surfing is a huge part of Nicaragua adventure sport culture, as you’ll find great strips of beach with incredible breaks just begging to be carved. Both experienced surfing fans and beginners will find beaches that suit their style, as there is no shortage of both challenging and gentle waves.

And when you’re not exploring the deep jungles or the cool oceans, sightseeing can bring you to some fantastic locations where you can view beautiful sunsets or take in the remnants of Spanish colonialism that exist in the architecture of the beautiful cities and villages through out Nicaragua.

While it may seem off the map, adventure travel in Nicaragua is on par with any other location in the world, both in terms of available activities and glorious and challenging settings. Anyone can appreciate the beauty of Nicaragua as its most valuable resource, as there are few places in the world that showcase such a diversity of cultures, terrain and environment. If you’re looking for an exciting, tropical destination to plan your next trip, don’t make the mistake of overlooking your options for adventure travel in Nicaragua.






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